She’s Poetic: It Is Finished

She’s Poetic: It Is Finished

These tears I’ve cried are overflowing the tub now

And yet these scars are beginning to heal somehow…

The pain is becoming lighter with each step I take…

But this journey is long and the one thing I’ve learned is everything is not what it seems

But you don’t learn that until after you’ve been naïve…

Rock bottom, you’ve hit rock bottom and you’re on your way to recovery.

Yet it’s so hard to see how God would still love bruised up, messed up, angry me?

This season has left me dead.


They say the fire refines you.

But you can’t get through it without getting burnt

Their hurtful words, metaphorical bullets, ended up being the lessons learned.

They say there’s a time and season for it all

Maybe there’s hope for these dead bones to live after the fall.


And now I sit here searching for forgiveness and all the good things

But every time I do, the nastiness from yesterday is all that my memories bring.

And then I hear a whisper, “grace and forgiveness”

And I go to the place where Christ said “It Is Finished.”

And I realize that it’s that battle that Christ fought on the cross

That allows me to continue on this long journey and though I wandered I am not lost.

“Your wounds will heal, your heart will forgive. This season is over daughter…

It’s time to live.”


®torrie 2015

She Empowers: 20 Somethings For The 20 Something Soul

She Empowers: 20 Somethings For The 20 Something Soul

Dear 20 something soul,

Something #4


The 20’s look different for everyone. Some of us are married in our twenties, single, building a family with our husband, working on our master’s degree, working on our bachelor’s degree, building a business from scratch, dating, raising a child alone, traveling the world, working and saving money, the list goes on! We are all at different spots and that’s okay. You’re not on the wrong path if you aren’t in college and you aren’t on the wrong path if you have a kid, you’re just simply on YOUR PATH. The only thing you need to be concerned with is being on the path that you want. Do not worry about what so and so is doing and if you should be doing it. Just do you.

Sometimes it’s hard finding who YOU are. I urge you to submit to God in prayer when it comes to figuring out the plans for your life! Take the time to talk to God and see what he wants for you and how he sees your life going. It’s easy to make plans on our own and to achieve our goals but let’s step outside of ourselves and figure out the GOD GOALS that we need to focus on in our lives. JUST DO YOU and FIND YOU BY SUBMITTING TO HIM.

Till next time,

20 something soul

She Empowers: Your Body is A Temple, Not a Garbage Can.

She Empowers: Your Body is A Temple, Not a Garbage Can.

Lately, God has been quietly showing and reminding me just how important, precious and valuable my body is. As a woman, I get to carry my children in my womb, I get to feed them from my own breast, and then I get to carry them and nurture them all the days of their young lives. After I had my first child, I got back into shape immediately! Watching what I ate, working out everyday and being diligent with getting my body back into top shape. After I had my second child, life was a little bit different and I didn’t have the focus that I had with my first one to commit myself back to getting in shape.

Let me be clear here, it’s not about being skinny, that was never my focus and still isn’t my focus. It is, however, about treating your body like the most precious, rare, and valuable commodity that it is. We only get one and yes we are women and we have children and our bodies change in shape and size, but that’s not an excuse to stop feeding and moving your body with the upmost respect. If anything, having children should motivate us to be healthy so that we can see our children grow up.

Unfortunately, life gets in the way and we trade healthy meals for convenient meals and sitting down on the couch catching our breath from the constant mundane movement over getting up and working out. I haven’t workout or fed my body properly for a year and let me just say, I have never felt more unhealthy in my life. The funny thing is, if a stranger looked at me they would think I was in decent shape, but it’s not the outside appearance that is suffering it’s the inward aches and pains. My body is constantly trying to tell me that it’s lacking something and needs me to do something about it. This is when I hear God whisper:

“Do you not know that your bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit, who is in you, whom you have received from God? You are not your own; 20 you were bought at a price. Therefore honor God with your bodies”

1 Corinthians 6:19-20


Even as I’m writing this, that scripture convicts me in so many ways. The beautiful thing about conviction, is that it calls you to a higher place. My prayer for all of us is that we learn to honor our God by honoring our bodies. Not just with what we feed it, but how we move it, what we allow our eyes to see, what we allow our ears to hear, what we allow our hands to touch, what we allow our minds to read and receive, and what we allow our mouths to say. Be empowered today, and with every action you take, remember that your body is a temple, not a garbage can.

With love and big smiles,



You Should Know Her: Emari Of Soul Style Beauty

You Should Know Her: Emari Of Soul Style Beauty

Q&A With @SoulStyleBeauty


~Who is Emari/ Soul Style Beauty?

SoulStyleBeauty is my platform name. It’s the name of my blog, YouTube channel and all other social media outlets. I have changed my name so many times! SoulStyleBeauty is what I came up with after 4 years of blogging and I think this is “the one”. As a blogger, you realize that as you grow it causes your content to change and even sometimes your blog name to change. Throughout the years of me blogging I finally came to realize what I truly had a passion for which is faith in Christ, mental hygiene/inner beauty, style and makeup.


~What does Soul Style Beauty represent?


SoulStyleBeauty represents a lot of things starting with my love for Jesus Christ. I am a Christian, before anything else. In addition to speaking about topics regarding spirituality and my walk with god, I love to discuss inner beauty. Character is so important! SoulStyleBeauty represents beauty starting from the inside out. I really want my viewers/readers to know that their outer appearance isn’t their best asset.



~When did Soul Style Beauty come about and when did you decide to present it to the world?


SoulStyleBeauty came about after I drew close to God in March 2014. I used to think about only outer appearance and my own good, totally ignoring inner beauty and individuals around me. Knowing that I was once an individual suffering from insecurities and self-value, I know how it feels and I had to speak up about it. I then decided to change my platform name to SoulStyleBeauty which better represents what I truly stand for.


~Why inspire/branch out via YouTube and social media?


YouTube and social media is extremely important at the moment. I feel that it is a way to reach people/brands from all around the world. I get extremely excited when looking at my demographic reports because I can see exactly where a viewer is in the world and that is truly amazing! That is exactly why I joined social media and YouTube. I want to inspire and serve people all around the world to become better individuals.


~Any inspirations? / What are you inspired by?


I am inspired by everyday life experiences and the issues that we as individuals go through. Truth is, we all have things that we struggle with and we are more relatable than we think we are. Sometimes all it takes is discussing your issues and what you go through. That discussion, that video that post can actually change someone’s life. 


~What can we look forward to with Soul Style Beauty?


The next thing to look forward to with Soul Style Beauty is my Ecommerce business and women empowerment groups (online and offline). I would love to give individuals the encouragement they need by creating groups to discuss issues that they may face. I also would like to have my own Ecommerce website selling inspirational products such as books, apparel and items for surfaces in your home/office.


~1-3 Youtubers/ social media pages you could not go without viewing? Why


I have a lot of favorites YouTubers, but the below ladies are my favorites. Whether it’s driving women to Christ, giving women advice on everyday struggles, or even showing women that they can do it all, all of the below women best exemplifies a role model. 

  1. Simply Feli
  2. BronzeGoddess01
  3. Shameless Maya
She Inspires: You Better Work

She Inspires: You Better Work

[ snaps fingers in Z formation ]

Here’s the honest truth, dreams don’t work, unless you work. Lately I’ve been so inspired by women who do what they say they want done. Women who, with all fearlessness, choose to begin their goals and in the sweating and building of their vision they learn what it takes to make a dream a reality. I’m surrounded by women who are constantly pushing themselves to achieve their goals but sadly I’m also surrounded and have been the woman, who knows her dreams but doesn’t know the bridge to making them a reality. The common thread between all the successful women I know is one tiny four letter word: WORK. At the end of the day that’s the only thing standing between you and your goals, dreams and vision for your life! Here’s some beginning tips for putting in work to build your empire.

  1. Research

This is one of the number one differences between successful women and women who are stagnant. Taking the time to properly research all the steps and information you need to know to begin your goal is important. Research doesn’t just mean reading books anymore, you can listen to podcasts, listen to audiobooks, watch YouTube videos, there’s countless tools out there today in our world, take advantage of them and take the time to listen and learn from the resources!


  1. Network

Plain and simple, people need people! I like to call networking “building your tribe.” Have people in your corner that 1, believe in you and 2, can help you succeed in the area that you are wanting to succeed in. This could be mentors, fellow business ladies, or even a positive family or friend. Push yourself in this area. Get outside of your comfort zone, meet new people that are successful in the area you want to be successful in and ask for them to share and teach you any wisdom they may have. Go to conferences, fairs regarding your goals, ect. Any program or group that can help with your goal, get in touch with and stay in touch!

  1. Build

This means to simply start. After and even during researching and networking begin your weekly goals that are going to get you to your final goal. For example, if your final goal is to have a book published by the end of the year, your weekly goals could be something along the lines of dedicating X amount of hours a day to writing or if your dream is to have a youtube channel up and running by November, a weekly goal can be saving $50 dollars a week for equipment. The goal is to break the big dream into weekly habits that will allow you to arrive to your goal and dream on time. Now get to work and build that dream!

p.s. I’m in your corner cheering you on!! You better work girl!

`With love and big smiles,


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