She’s Poetic: Break Though

She’s Poetic: Break Though

Break Though

You know when that moment is near

The voices in your head growing

The sound of victory muddled by the world around

There is power in that name

and its power will abound

Lifting up the focus for the heart that needs direction

intention is set and its beyond our own reflection

Outward vision never easy to maintain

The heart is selfish but victory is in the rejection of the vein

Breakthrough is never gentle

It comes from gripping and strain

But with that warm presence nothing can have this power detained

So set your sails and let the wind lift them up

because Victory is in you

And through the defeat it will cut!


®Kiersten H.

She’s Poetic: Glorious Inexpressible Joy

She’s Poetic: Glorious Inexpressible Joy

Many Characteristics are claimed to your name

Your mightiness intimidating most, the enemy using lie to cover the truth and abstain from everything but lie

But how is it that I feel this Tenderness when some have no desire to get even remotely close

Fear of your wrath being stronger than the reality of your keen Heart

This hesitance a stumbling start to most

I wish they could feel that gentle nudge you give me to make steps of Bold

How can I reveal to them those moments that are too tender to even behold

Your presence consuming and your correction is sweet

Not like most fear, not little or even discreet

Warmth in your midst is the margin of this gain

Some fear you’re a giant who tramples with hate and distain

Truth, however is your eagerness for us to grow

You’re intertwined in our lives, Lovingly convincing us, that in this moment, you well know

The brush of your presence, your sweet words to remind

You guide me this way, because you are Gracious and Kind

So how is it that so many have lost sight

Of the gentle giant that many have left behind

You plead Joy with us Lord

And see Faith more precious than mere Gold

So now in the time of need, I see the depth of what you hope to behold

A people of Faith bonded together with glee

This may seem ridiculous or to many, even with out need

But if we open our eyes

Then its possible to see

That with Great Joy Comes an Triumphant Victory

Trampling death, circumstance,and the pits that inevitably come

God whispers to us that, with Joy, we OVERCOME

So this small word may be over looked

But its time now to revisit what God had intended when he started this Earth

Do you feel it now

The ground beneath us groaning

He’s looking for Warriors

The ones Joyfully following the call

An up rising, YES! and it starts with “Come one, Come all”

The Power is with in us

Bottled and captive for far too long

The only way to release it is to pry open these hammered crates

So let your Joy honor and reveal the power of Christ’s blood

Its time for the gates to open

And allow the flood

1 Peter:1-8 “So be truly glad.There is wonderful joy ahead, even though you must endure many trials for a little while. These trials will show that your faith is genuine. It is being tested as fire tests and purifies gold—though your faith is far more precious than mere gold. So when your faith remains strong through many trials, it will bring you much praise and glory and honor on the day when Jesus Christ is revealed to the whole world. You love him even though you have never seen him. Though you do not see him now, you trust him; and you rejoice with a glorious, inexpressible joy.”

®Kiersten Homalon 2015

She’s Poetic: You Can

She’s Poetic: You Can

You can start and finish that book.

You can take time to research for that non-profit dream.

You can take a day off.

You can buy that pair of shoes in your shopping cart.

You can move to that new city.

You can travel to that amazing place.

You can earn that degree.

You can build that home.

You can take those cooking lessons.

You can buy that motorcycle.

You can plan that wedding.

You can get that membership.

You can sponsor that group. You can join that dance crew.

You can get that promotion.

You can write that article.

You can contact that C.E.O.   You can be that C.E.O

You can rock that dress.

You can cut your hair in that new fly style you’ve been wanting to try.

You can get that pet. You can get that car. You can get that bag.

You can lease that building for your company.

You can give yourself permission to do whatever you want!

Most importantly,

You can do this!

Go get your blessing!


-Jasmine Shirley

She’s Poetic: Lesson 1

She’s Poetic: Lesson 1

“Lesson 1” by Julie Hill Alger

At least I’ve learned this much:
Life doesn’t have to be
all poetry and roses. Life
can be bus rides, gritty sidewalks,
electric bills, dishwashing,
chapped lips, dull stubby pencils
with the erasers chewed off,
cheap radios played too loud,
the rank smell of stale coffee
yet still glow
with the inner fire of an opal,
still taste like honey

She’s Poetic: Does He Know?

She’s Poetic: Does He Know?

Does he know that when she was birth into this world his life would never be the same

Does he know?


Does he know the power he gives her each time he holds her hand or opens her door.

Does he know?


Does he know the feeling she feels when you looks in his eyes when she is unsure of herself

Does he know?


Does he know that every moment in her life going forward will bring her back to a place in time he stamped on her heart

Does he know?


Does he know her belief in her hopes and dreams stem from the confidence he gives her when he smiles

Does he know?


Does he know that one day he will not be able to protect her from hurt placed upon her by the world

Does he know?


Does he know that in her finest hour she will always look for him

Does he know?


Does he know that no matter how old and grey he becomes, he will always be her first love

Does he know


Does he know his little girl will one day grow up and become a grown woman and base her value on how he valued her

Does he know?


No really, does he know?



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