She Rocks: Warm It Up This Season with These Hot Trends

She Rocks: Warm It Up This Season with These Hot Trends

I’m not sure where you live, but you can find me in the heart of the south which is Georgia. Our seasons are sporadic so it’s quite common for us to experience “snow”, at least our version of snow which is primarily rain and ice, in February and March. These months are very complicated times for me and I’m sure other fashionistas as well. Some of you guys probably feel comfortable with throwing on a pair of sweats and the only accessory you’re trying to wear is a warm hat. However, if you’re willing to still make an impactful attempt at fashion in the midst of this upcoming crazy weather, I have the best fashion trends that will keep you feeling and LOOKING HOT.

Let’s get to it!

“AS IF! WHATEVER!” Clueless is Back!

I had decided to bring my preppy school skirts and sweaters back into my wardrobe way before it became a winter trend. Clueless is one of my favorite movies so anytime I have the opportunity to pay homage to Cher and Dionne, I’m all the way down!

Whether you decide to stay warm with an oversized plaid coat or sashay to work in a fabulous pair of ankle pants trimmed in plaid, you’re definitely on trend.  

Oh, and here’s a side note for my curvaceous cuties. Please don’t believe the hype when people claim bigger women can’t wear plaid. It’s a myth! There are numerous options of plaid for every size, so don’t be afraid to flaunt your assets!


Speaking of plaid, let me go ahead and  inform you guys that the 70s are here to stay. A lot of our mom’s fashion was reintroduced to our generation last summer and I guess it decided to stick around this winter, too! I personally believe some of these 70’s trends are also inspired by our London brothers and sisters, but that’s just me. These trends are giving me a UK vibe and I’m loving every bit of it. Right on!


Finally, overly sexualized and barely covering the “goodies” clothing are long gone this season. Although there will be plenty of girls freezing their behinds off anyways, which is fine if that’s your style and flavor, but for the rest of us, we can enjoy the delicate and elegant pieces of a modest woman’s wardrobe…with a twist. I guarantee you if you take part in this trend, “boring” will not be an adjective to describe your outfits. Circle skirts, blouses, pencil skirts, and the obvious sweaters are still in style but they have an extravagant touch to them now. Think of over exaggerated puffy sleeves, mixed matched patterns, and oversized designs. It’s big and loud this winter, which puts a unique spin on the typical Jackie O style that comes to mind when you think modest.  


Flair is in again! It’s here and I’m loving it. You know, sometimes I just don’t feel like fighting with a pair of skinny jeans. A nice tailored pair of wide legged trousers look good on every woman. If you’re not the trendy type of gal, at least give this one a try!


Most of the trends this season are bold so why not give you the loudest trend of them all: bright colors! Leave those ordinary sad and cold winter colors in the closet because this year, it’s all about your bright pinks, yellows, and greens! Any traditional Easter color will do so stand out this season, and make everyone remember your name!


Well, at least your outfit, girl!


She Rocks: 5 Fashion Maternity Must Haves For The Hip Mamas!

She Rocks: 5 Fashion Maternity Must Haves For The Hip Mamas!

Pregnancy is a beautiful privilege, but comes with its challenges. For starters, you have to pee constantly, sleeping gets harder to maneuver and even your clothing has to change to accommodate your new growing belly. I’ve been pregnant 3 times now and with a little trial and error I have finally found clothes that make me feel beautiful and free with my changing body. Here’s my 5 maternity fashion must haves!

  1. UNDERGARMENTS: This is the time where you might have to stop wearing your fancy bras and underwear in the name of comfort. I know this seems like a small change, but if you don’t have an uncomfortable bra strap or panty bothering you the whole day, you feel better. During pregnancy choose cotton underwear and spandex sports bras over fancy bras like pushups and bras with wires underneath.
  2. MATERNITY JEANS: Confession time! During my first pregnancy I was anti maternity jeans because I didn’t want to feel like I couldn’t fit into my regular, cool, pre-mommy jeans. However, the beautiful truth is, you can’t and that’s okay!! Put your pride down and please buy a pair of maternity jeans. They are not only comfortable during those 9 months of carrying baby, but after you have baby they are great for the time in between transitioning back to your pre-baby body.
  3. A T-SHIRT DRESS: These dresses leave your belly plenty of room to not be restrained! Whether I’m just in the house or out and about, my t-shirt dresses are my go to comfortable but cute outfit! You can pair this with a chunky belt or long, flowing jewelry.
  4. A ROBE: If you’re anything like me, you dislike being in any clothing while you’re in the comfort of your house. However, I can’t just walk around naked in the name of unexpected company and 2 children who probably don’t want to see mom naked all the time. My solution: A ROBE! Purchase a comfortable robe that you can leave in during the 9 months of pregnancy and after!
  5. LOOSE, COTTON SHIRTS: Maternity shirts can fit odd sometimes, but something that never disappoints and always fits are my loose cotton shirts! They leave enough room for the growing belly to breathe in and they also can be casual or dressed up depending on the occasion.




She Rocks: Confidence

She Rocks: Confidence

Black is a slimming color.

Brown is a natural color.

Red is for confidence.

I love the color red, especially in my wardrobe—red shoes, red lipstick, red dresses.

The color red is considered an “emotionally intense”, and is often associated with strength, power, passion, and love.

You are what you wear, and I would like to be nothing but the color red.

When I wear the color red, I feel like I’m at my best.

And I’m not talking about wearing an all red jumpsuit with red heels, and red accessories.

It only takes one piece of red for me to feel my best—to make feel like I’m the cream of the crop. With red lipstick I feel powerful like a beautiful, ancient warrior. With red shoes on, I put each foot forward with sureness in ever in every step. With a red dress on, I feel slimmer than I would in a black dress. I’m the next Madonna.

It’s also been said that the color red is a symbol of danger, and they’re absolutely right.

Every time I’m rocking the color red, I feel like a lion on the prowl. Red makes me feel dangerous.

And it’s not even a specific shade that makes feel this way. I feel confident in all types of red—dark reds, bright reds, even that weird red color in the middle.

All reds are beautiful.

All reds are equivalent to confidence.

So when you’re feeling low, put on something red. It can work wonders on your life.


She Rocks: Nudes & Blues

She Rocks: Nudes & Blues

She Rocks: “Nudes & Blues” ( A High Low Style)

A favorite style trend of mine this year is Nude. I think it’s very soft and feminine but makes a statement. In this STRONG inspired look I took a somewhat casual turn on nude pairing it with the perfect jeans which makes it super day time date appropriate. Feel free to show us Your ” STRONG inspired Style”…. Tag @knowyourstrong hashtag #STRONGstyle

•Quay invader shades $40 []

•Uttam Boutique Long Sleeve Pleat Detail Blouse $70 []

•Top Shop Motto Pretty Blue Ripped Joni Jeans $70 []

•Miu Miu Sandals $995 []

•Micheal Kors Jer Set Crossbody Dusty Rose $95 []

•Top Shop Komono Rose Gold Estelle Classic watch $110 []

•Charlotte Russe Gold Druzy Shark Tooth Stud Earrings 3-pack $6 []

•iPhone 6/5/5s/5c Case Girl. You’re A Boss. Clearly $40 []


Keep Rockin’ Your Style!

She Rocks: A Splash of Red

She Rocks: A Splash of Red

This ensemble includes a white blazer, teal flowy tank top, ripped jeans, a red clutch, and red heels. It should be noted that this outfit can be assembled together using pieces similar to the ones pictured—and some pieces colors can be changed. For example, the white blazer can be traded for a black one and the teal top can be switched with a white one. Not a fan or ripped jeans? Wear the denim jeans with no rips or tears!


“A Splash of Red” is a reference to the clutch and heels, to items that help dress up the ripped jeans. Red is a color of power and sophistication, and the red from the clutch and heels do exactly that.

Recreate this look, and tag us @knowyourstrong or #STRONGSheRocks

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