Mommy Knows: When Frustration Gets The Best of You

Mommy Knows: When Frustration Gets The Best of You

I LOVE being a mom. Its something I always knew I would do. I grew up baby sitting all the neighborhood kids and lasted all the way into college! I was the “Go To Babysitter”. I assisted my mother in her In Home Day Care and I worked in various Day Cares separate from hers. I love children! I always thought I would be a teacher one day because of this passion!

I ended up never becoming a teacher because God had other Plans for me, and I am thankful that His hand on my life has led me down the path it has. I am a young mother married to a man I prayed for, for many years, and God answered my prayers ten fold. We are just starting out but thankfully God has blessed me with a business I can run from my home and help women transition from birth into motherhood with community and support! I love what I do and I love that I can be home with my two year old while I am at it! My daughter comes with me on all of my outings. She’s amazing and helpful during prenatal visits and client meet ups, then I am blessed that my husband watches her when I met clients postpartum to honor their sacred space.

My daughter is amazing. Patient, kind, and scary smart!! But with all of that said, she is also 2…. and that presents MANY challenges.

Now that she is getting closer to the age of 3 we are embarking on much more mental break downs, tantrums, and….. ATTITUDE!!!!

I was not prepared for this! ATTITUDE!? I always was on the other end of the “TUDE” but now I am getting a small glimpse of the maternal side.

I know just about every mother goes through this. And there are about a million “How To” books and Blogs and such on how to cure them and treat them, and thats great. But For me they stress me out… and confuse how I feel my daughter should be parented. Or they might intimidate me! But the point is…. Sometimes, my frustration with my daughter gets the best of me, and I sacrifice my influence as her mother for selfish reactions that are always based out of the wrong place.

I have experienced a number of times where, I “snap” and then as soon as it starts, its over, and then my conscience weighs on me, along with the shock in my daughter’s face. This has taken many forms, but they are all ugly, and solve nothing.

Finally, one day it happened again. I lost it…. and It sent my heart crawling back to The Lord for guidance. I am thankful for His forgiveness, and his mercy because clearly I need it. Then it hit me. How God parents me, is exactly how I should be parenting my daughter, with Grace and Mercy. And then a Daniel Tiger Episode popped into my head. “When you’re feeling mad and you wanna ROAR… Just take a deep breath… and count to four…. 1…2…3…4!” Yes there are lessons in cartoons for adults as well it seems!

At that moment I realized that I was in a position to teach and simultaneously learn and hone in the skill of patiently parenting. Firm and strait forward, but full of Grace and Mercy. So now when my daughter loses her cool in the parking lot and everyone is starring at me and her…. I’ll run the Daniel Tiger song through in my head, and then say “Ok God…. guide my discipline here, help me to parent her firmly in the way she needs me to Father.”

At that moment I am WAY more effective as a mother than I was before and instead of two people in shambles, there is one guiding the way for the other, and showing my daughter what is appropriate by treating her appropriately.

I am in NO WAY a parenting expert, but this switch flipping in my head has already really changed the atmosphere in our home, even my husband noticed it! (It could be also that I get gym time ALONE now… Thank you Jesus!) But I know that this change too is contributing to a better vibe to our home. I heard it said before that women are to be the Thermostat in the home….. NOT the Thermometer. And I really keep that vision in the for front of my mind as well….

So when you’re about to lose it…. Flash forward a few years and see how your influence now in guiding your children in their emotions will benefit them… For me it really tugged on my heart strings…. and got my mind turning. Use your unique set of Mommy Sense that I believe God gives the each of us…. and keep your cool momma!



Have Grit Sweet Ones,

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“I have no greater joy than to hear that my children walk in Truth.” 3 John 1:4

Mommy Knows: Essential Oils Every Momma Should Have

Mommy Knows: Essential Oils Every Momma Should Have

Many by now have heard about the new craze of Essential oils. Its easy to dismiss something that seems like the latest fad. However, the science behind how Essential Oils work makes it undeniable that these oils effectively protect and heal our bodies in multiple ways! On top of that, the usage of Essential oils extends all the way back to the beginning of the Bible! That says something about their power! With the wide variety, there is literally an oil that can be used for every single situation in life.

As mothers, it is no secret that we need to be equipped… for EVERYTHING! All mothers know that the inevitable not only is possible, but it WILL, at some point, happen! This is why this new year, I encourage you to revamp your Diaper Bag, Purse, Snack pack, and Beach Bag with a few oils that are a necessity for those rogue moments!

There are 5 Oils that you cannot go without…

The first Oil that MUST be with you at all times is Melaleuca (Aka Tea Tree Oil).


Melaleuca’s Benefits Include:

-Cleansing and renewing benefits to Skin

-Boosts Immune Functions

-Protects against environmental threats


Awesome Ways to Use This oil:

-Diaper Rash Creams

-Sanitizing Hand Sprays

-Cuts and Bruise Spray

-Mixed with a Carrier Oil (Fractionated Coconut oil, and Almond Oil are my favorites) and used topically for warts, blisters, rashes, and infections.


Another Oil that is a MUST for Mom’s is Lavender.


Many people just flat out love the smell of Lavender and savor it solely for that! However, Lavender is a powerhouse when it comes to using Essential Oils.


Lavender Benefits Include:

-Aromatherapy- Calming, Stress and Anxiety Reducing, and Sleep Aid

-Topically: Bee Stings, Insect Bites, Minor Burns, Cuts, Eczema, Dry and Chapped Skin, Dandruff, and Cold Sores

-Also helps with: Fever, nosebleeds, Nausea and Motion Sickness


Ways to Use Lavender:

-Diffused: In the car or in the home, Great for fussy restless babies, Tantrum prone toddlers, and grumpy over worked Husbands…. and ladies, when you can’t take anymore, drop a few drops of lavender in your palms rub them together and take a deep breath….. (I call this the “Chill Pill” ) It works.

-Topically: inflamed skin, cuts, burns, eczema and more (Paired with Melaleuca these two are a healing power house!)

-Motion sickness and Nausea: A drop on the tip of your tongue (Only use Pure therapeutic grade essential oils internally) Also Pregnant women should refrain from the use of Lavender internally and in some cases topically.

-Nose Bleeds: Using pressure point on the top lip directly under the nose and put a drop or two of Lavender on the tissue or rag you’re using to catch the blood.

-Cold Sores, and Distressed Lips: Chapped or cracked lips are desperate for some relief and lavender is just the thing to soothe them. Cold sores can be healed from putting Lavender EO directly onto the sore.

-Taste Buds!: Not many would think of Lavender as a tasty flavor but Lavender can be added to many recipes to add a unique and absolutely DELICIOUS flavor! My favorite is Raw Lavender Cheesecake….. Yes Its possible, and goodness its tasty! And Healthy!


The Next oil is Eucalyptus


Eucalyptus Benefits of use are:






-Stimulating (Mentally)


Uses for Eucalyptus Include:

-Massaged onto the chest and back helps to soothe asthma, and congestion. Diffusing this oil also helps with these respiratory problems

-A few drops in warm water gargled for sore throats

-Diffused and topically placed at the base of the back of the neck to treat mental exhaustion as well as mental disorders, the cooling effect of the oil is refreshing and helps to remove the mid day fog…. (For children who have learning disabilities, behavioral differences, or when your coffee has worn of in the middle of the day this is a powerful oil to always have on hand!)

-Massaging into skin with a carrier oil for sore muscles and joint pain. (Growing pains are the worst…. this will give your child relief!)

-Mixed in your tooth paste! Helps to prevent cavities and gingivitis!

-Dropped onto the scalp to treat lice! (Every mom’s fear!) Eucalyptus is a natural pesticide!

-Placed on the bottoms of the feet, paired with peppermint to break fever (Fevers come out of no where sometimes so its really important to keep Peppermint and Eucalyptus on hand)


That leads us into our Fourth Essential Oil that is Essential…. Sorry I couldn’t resist…Peppermint


Peppermint Essential oil Benefits:







Ways to use Peppermint Essential Oil:

-Tummy Aches: can be taken internally in tablets (DoTerra carries peppermint tablets) or a drop under the tongue will do it.

-Rubbed onto the chest to decongest and reduce inflammation for those who suffer from Asthma

-Added to bath water for sore muscles or over tired bodies ( it happens to all our kiddos at some point and this is a great way to lead them into a deep sleep to recover from a long day)

-Diffused: Helps to increase emotional comfort and reduce stress and nervous system overstimulation….. Need I say more?

The Last Essential oil is Actually one of my absolute favorites! And I think you will see why!


Frankincense Essential is not only AMAZING to smell but it is a POWERHOUSE Essential oil!


Benefits of Frankincense Include:

– Antiseptic






These are just some of the many uses and Medicinal benefits of Frankincense! Some others that cannot go with out mentioning are:

-Immune Boost

-Oral Health

-Emenagogue (Encourages regular and healthy Menstruation)

-Carminative (Eliminates gas in the body and prevents gas build up) -lets be real Ladies, No one wants Gas build up

-Cicatrisant (Fancy word for Miracle Worker…. Anti Aging and encourages healthy glowing skin… More on this later!)

-Digestive (Again a miracle worker in the speeding up of digestion and helps with indigestion!)

-Stress and Anxiety


Ways to Use Frankincense:

-Diffused with Other complimenting Essential Oils such as Cypress, Bergamot, Lemon, Lime , Orange, and Sandalwood! This is a Great way to combat stress and anxiety, as well as treating nervous system ailments.

-1-2 Drops under the Tongue: Momma’s this one is for you. This is a great way to keep up immune functions and over all health to make sure you’re the best mommy you can be and feel great while doing it!

-Combined with a carrier oil and rubbed onto the bottom of kiddos feet and the sides of their spine (Immune Booster Roller Ball Recipe to follow!)

-Mixed into lotions, lip balms, body wash, and fragrances (The ultimate secret weapon when it comes to Beauty Regiments!)

*Applying Frankincense to the skin encourages regeneration of healthy skin cells and encourages the tissues to remain healthy! Using this oils will help remove sun spots, scars, acne, wrinkles and tighten your sin wherever you apply! Like is said…. MIRACLE WORKER!

** This is an oil to refrain from during your pregnancy… But use it on your kiddos still!

Using Essential Oils may seem daunting at first, but once you know your main Oils to have in your arsenal you’ll be a Essential Guru! And then you can branch out after you further your own research!

Happy Essential Oiling!


Immune Booster Recipe 

Essential Oils12 Drops Frankincense

10 Drops Melaleuca

5 Drops Oregano

10 Drops Lemon


Have Grit Sweet One,


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Mommy Knows: Happily Stuck

Mommy Knows: Happily Stuck

Most know that parenting a strong willed toddler, especially a girl toddler, is well, trying. I am blessed with a two year old daughter that has somehow bottled up the vigor of a lion inside of her little frame. She is hilarious beyond her years, and stubborn to the point of maternal mental break downs. Yes, she is going to be a woman with grit I have no doubt. I am so thankful for her just the way she is! I constantly pray for wisdom as her mother, and I am one to hold my parenting to a standard that sometimes, well most times, has to be replaced with the Grace and Forgiveness of God. And after a moment that happened in the shuffle to get my daughter to bed in a timely manner, I heard the whisper of the Lord remind me what my roll is in her life right now as her mother, and that is to “Remind her what she IS”.

This may seem like something a little intense when raising a toddler however, I have found that its actually the simplicity that makes it so difficult. With there being billions of parenting books, blogs, suggestions (most often times unwanted) from family members and friends, and the stigma that haunts most mothers: our compulsion to compare our parenting to others. With all of these forces combined it seems impossible to know what path or style to choose for your child. We all have this idealistic way we want to parent, because we have the idealistic way we want our children to turn out in our heads. Honestly, what parent doesn’t WANT their children to be Happy and Ambitious about their faith and their life! That is the best as a mother, to have happy children! But in the midst of a Toddler melt down, and trying to steer the discipline boat, I ran onto a mound that encouraged me to redirect the sails of this ship.

When my daughter gets tired there is a FINE line between going to bed peacefully and the tipping point where all emotion, and reason fly out the window and she becomes a mess. Last night was one of those nights. As I put her in the bed and tried to reason with her, I told her “You are not listening to mommy, you do not scream at mommy, you are not being kind, you are not doing what mommy and daddy are asking you.” And then she stopped crying, looked at me and quivered her little lip and burst out, “I don’t have Jesus in my heart anymore!?” With a questioning look on her little face. I lost it. I cried out and scooped her up. And in that moment God whispered, “Tell her what she IS!” So I expressed to her that even if we do things that are not what we should that NOTHING and NOONE can take Jesus out of our hearts, not even ourselves! One he is in our hearts he is what we call “Happily Stuck”. She calmed down and we were able to snuggle, I felt so compelled to tell her how much she is loved by me but by Jesus EVEN MORE! I couldn’t believe that at her age she is already thirsty for these type of reassurances and answers in her life. I don’t think that it was wrong to discipline her in the way I did, but now when I want to correct or direct her, I want to do it by reminding her WHAT SHE IS, and that is a Child of God. THAT is the most important thing I can do as her mommy.

3 John 1:4 “I have no greater joy than to hear that my children walk in Truth.”


Have Grit Sweet Ones,


Mommy Knows: Dear Daughter,

Mommy Knows: Dear Daughter,

Dear Daughter,

I know you look at me and see Super-Mama, as that is what you call me when I fix your boo-boo’s or find your toy that you thought had gone missing forever. You feel safe in my arms as I read bedtime stories to you and pray over you before we go to sleep. You feel confident when I say “Great Job!” or “Wow! What an awesome idea.” You feel brave when I remind you that God makes you mighty and strong and you realize that you can conquer anything, even your stinky little brother. I know through your eyes I am unbreakable and super even when I have to correct you, you look at me with those forever hopeful eyes and understand why mommy got upset with you. I have a major secret to tell…are you ready?

My superhero armor is only this strong because of you. You see before you I really only thought about myself. My days were filled with what I wanted to do and when I wanted to do it. I was pretty lost, just doing what everyone else was doing and felt so empty. Then you came into our lives, forever changing it by adding more color, boldness, and truth disguised in tutu’s and singing. I feel super when I get to help you in any way. You make me feel safe when you ask to cuddle up with me or kiss my head when you know I have a headache. You give me confidence by asking me questions and truly wanting to know the answer. You fill me up with bravery every morning that we are blessed to wake up and start our days. I feel unbreakable, I feel strong and powerful because of you. All my superhero qualities are a product of you.

So I guess what I want to say is thank you. Thank you for finding me, believing in me, trusting me and molding me into this confident Super-Mama! Thank you for all the lessons and the plot twist that you often bring about and thank you for being you so fearlessly and unapologetically. Thank you for pulling out the Super hero in me. I love you daughter.

Love mama!

Torrie Oglesby

Mommy Knows: Praying For Your Kids

Mommy Knows: Praying For Your Kids


Recently I’ve been extremely dedicated to praying for my children fervently and constantly. We have a real enemy out there and if we aren’t covering our children in the blood of Jesus every day, before they start their days, then we are forgetting the most important part of being a parent, which is building up strong souls that will live for and love Jesus Christ. As much as we take care of our kids’ physical needs we need to submit their physical and spiritual needs to God and trust that he will provide, protect and guide our children during their journeys. Here’s a prayer I stumbled upon that I would love to share with you guys. I’m enjoying this prayer so much and I hope it blesses you and your children!

*Disclaimer: I did not make this prayer up, this prayer came from Jennifer Flanders at





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