STRONGchatLive launched when a 140 character Twitter chat just wouldn’t do! Join us in a city near you.

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What is it all about?

STRONGchatLive was birthed out of a twitter chat held on Thursday evenings.  Our Founder thought the chat was going well, but lacked a human connection and the ability for people real benefit with just 140 characters.  So, STRONGchatLive was born to make social media interactive.


Currently, monthly chats are held in Atlanta, GA… but we are on tour, so check below to see when we will be in a city near you! Other cities will be launching monthly chats soon, so stay in the loop by joining our mailing list.


To empower a gender class to identify their vision, purpose and passion and empower them to walk in it!  Also, for women to get back to their true identity and stop being defined by anything other than themselves, while promoting self love and connecting with other positive women.


A woman who has been sitting on your dreams. A woman who feels stuck in your current career, but the fear & uncertainty of entrepreneurship keep you from taking action to move forward into your destiny.  A woman who wants to know how to breakthough. A woman searching for real answers to  questions about business & life. A woman in search of true stories of inspiration. A woman who wants to connect with other like minded women, who really understand what it takes to be fearless. Every woman that is tired of the common and long for something greater than themselves.

Want to bring #STRONGchatLive to your city? Contact us to for more information about how we can make it happen!






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