The end of November is here, yes already, and with it comes THANKSGIVING! I know the commercial world would love it if we all forgot about Thanksgiving and went straight to Christmas, but Thanksgiving is such a vital holiday that we don’t need to just skip over. The heart of the holiday is in the name, giving thanks. Focusing our minds and hearts on the people we are thankful for and the circumstances we are thankful for. Sure giving thanks doesn’t generate money, but it generates gratitude and togetherness, things that can’t be bought in a store Thursday evening. Remember the days when Thanksgiving meant cooking all morning, eating all day, and then sleeping it away all evening until 12:00am came along and TRUE black Friday began? Now, Black “Friday” begins 6:00pm completely cutting between quality family time all in the name of money. Let’s take back Thanksgiving! Let’s make it how special it use to be when we were growing up! I would like to present to you The Strong Thanksgiving Challenge, in which we focus on thanks and gratitude and time spent with love ones, not rushing off to go gather more material things but rather truly being together and giving and showing thanks!

  1. Put all electronics in a box when guest enter your house or the house that is hosting, this will bring MINDFULNESS
  2. Help cook or prepare the table with the older generation, this will bring TOGETHERNESS
  3. Create conversation amongst the table when dinner starts, this will generate MEMORIES
  4. Let the older generation talk about life when they were growing up and truly listen, this will bring GRATITUDE
  5. Play a game with your loved ones after dinner, laugh as hard as possible, this will bring THANKFULNESS
  6. Do not shop for black Friday until 12:00 am Friday morning, this will bring SIMPLICITY

Let us know if you accept and fulfill the challenge and how it changed your Thanksgiving this year!

With love and big smiles,


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