We all could add a dose of more healthy foods to our diets! One versatile fruit that is beneficial and filled with healthy fats is the Avocado! They are packed with abundant nutrients such as Vitamin K, Folate, Vitamin C, Potassium, Vitamin B5 and B6! They are also extremely healthy and beneficial for your skin and eyes! You ought to be eating avocado and if you aren’t here are 3 ways to incorporate it into your diet!

  1. Breakfast Option: Avocado Toast: Simple and easy! The way I like my avocado toast is to spread it across my toast and add the following ingredients on top of it:

-red pepper flakes

-shredded parmesan

-a dash of blue cheese

-pepper and salt to taste

-sriracha sauce (OPTIONAL) or hot sauce (OPTIONAL)


  1. Lunch Option: Bacon Avocado Salad

-Lettuce (Iceberg or Romaine)


-Blue Cheese dressing (Or whatever you prefer)

-Bell peppers! (Because they make everything BETTER.


  1. On the Go Option: Protein Packed Avocado. In a bowl combine all the ingredients below and season with salt and pepper!

– 1 hard boil egg

– 2 teaspoons Dijon mustard

-Celery (minced)





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