I’m currently pregnant with my third child and with this pregnancy came an extreme distaste for meat. I went to eating meat with almost every meal to not even being able to smell it or look at it. I thought this aversion would for sure leave once my second trimester came along, but to my surprise the distaste for meat only grew. I’ve been going crazy trying to take my ordinary meals and replacing the meat with other foods high in protein, because of this, black beans have become my favorite meat substitute. Beans in general pack a punch when it comes to protein and fiber. With this obsession, came my black bean tacos! We eat them every Monday in our household and they are a win every time! I hope you enjoy and you incorporate them into your diet! They are so simple, extremely quick to prepare, and delicious!


2 cans of black beans

Taco meat seasoning

1 can diced tomatoes

Cilantro (optional)

Onions (optional)


Avocado (optional)

Sour cream (optional)

Cheese (optional)



  1. Pour the black beans, cilantro, diced tomatoes, and taco meat seasoning into a skillet. Let them sizzle and season on medium heat.
  2. Meanwhile, cut up the lettuce, avocado, and onions for people to add on if they choose to.
  3. After about 20 minutes of the beans getting seasoned, take them off the skillet and enjoy!

SIDENOTE: My husband chooses to make lettuce wraps instead of tacos. Just place the bean mixture on first and then happily add your taco/lettuce wrap toppings on!



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