Pregnancy is a beautiful privilege, but comes with its challenges. For starters, you have to pee constantly, sleeping gets harder to maneuver and even your clothing has to change to accommodate your new growing belly. I’ve been pregnant 3 times now and with a little trial and error I have finally found clothes that make me feel beautiful and free with my changing body. Here’s my 5 maternity fashion must haves!

  1. UNDERGARMENTS: This is the time where you might have to stop wearing your fancy bras and underwear in the name of comfort. I know this seems like a small change, but if you don’t have an uncomfortable bra strap or panty bothering you the whole day, you feel better. During pregnancy choose cotton underwear and spandex sports bras over fancy bras like pushups and bras with wires underneath.
  2. MATERNITY JEANS: Confession time! During my first pregnancy I was anti maternity jeans because I didn’t want to feel like I couldn’t fit into my regular, cool, pre-mommy jeans. However, the beautiful truth is, you can’t and that’s okay!! Put your pride down and please buy a pair of maternity jeans. They are not only comfortable during those 9 months of carrying baby, but after you have baby they are great for the time in between transitioning back to your pre-baby body.
  3. A T-SHIRT DRESS: These dresses leave your belly plenty of room to not be restrained! Whether I’m just in the house or out and about, my t-shirt dresses are my go to comfortable but cute outfit! You can pair this with a chunky belt or long, flowing jewelry.
  4. A ROBE: If you’re anything like me, you dislike being in any clothing while you’re in the comfort of your house. However, I can’t just walk around naked in the name of unexpected company and 2 children who probably don’t want to see mom naked all the time. My solution: A ROBE! Purchase a comfortable robe that you can leave in during the 9 months of pregnancy and after!
  5. LOOSE, COTTON SHIRTS: Maternity shirts can fit odd sometimes, but something that never disappoints and always fits are my loose cotton shirts! They leave enough room for the growing belly to breathe in and they also can be casual or dressed up depending on the occasion.




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