Many by now have heard about the new craze of Essential oils. Its easy to dismiss something that seems like the latest fad. However, the science behind how Essential Oils work makes it undeniable that these oils effectively protect and heal our bodies in multiple ways! On top of that, the usage of Essential oils extends all the way back to the beginning of the Bible! That says something about their power! With the wide variety, there is literally an oil that can be used for every single situation in life.

As mothers, it is no secret that we need to be equipped… for EVERYTHING! All mothers know that the inevitable not only is possible, but it WILL, at some point, happen! This is why this new year, I encourage you to revamp your Diaper Bag, Purse, Snack pack, and Beach Bag with a few oils that are a necessity for those rogue moments!

There are 5 Oils that you cannot go without…

The first Oil that MUST be with you at all times is Melaleuca (Aka Tea Tree Oil).


Melaleuca’s Benefits Include:

-Cleansing and renewing benefits to Skin

-Boosts Immune Functions

-Protects against environmental threats


Awesome Ways to Use This oil:

-Diaper Rash Creams

-Sanitizing Hand Sprays

-Cuts and Bruise Spray

-Mixed with a Carrier Oil (Fractionated Coconut oil, and Almond Oil are my favorites) and used topically for warts, blisters, rashes, and infections.


Another Oil that is a MUST for Mom’s is Lavender.


Many people just flat out love the smell of Lavender and savor it solely for that! However, Lavender is a powerhouse when it comes to using Essential Oils.


Lavender Benefits Include:

-Aromatherapy- Calming, Stress and Anxiety Reducing, and Sleep Aid

-Topically: Bee Stings, Insect Bites, Minor Burns, Cuts, Eczema, Dry and Chapped Skin, Dandruff, and Cold Sores

-Also helps with: Fever, nosebleeds, Nausea and Motion Sickness


Ways to Use Lavender:

-Diffused: In the car or in the home, Great for fussy restless babies, Tantrum prone toddlers, and grumpy over worked Husbands…. and ladies, when you can’t take anymore, drop a few drops of lavender in your palms rub them together and take a deep breath….. (I call this the “Chill Pill” ) It works.

-Topically: inflamed skin, cuts, burns, eczema and more (Paired with Melaleuca these two are a healing power house!)

-Motion sickness and Nausea: A drop on the tip of your tongue (Only use Pure therapeutic grade essential oils internally) Also Pregnant women should refrain from the use of Lavender internally and in some cases topically.

-Nose Bleeds: Using pressure point on the top lip directly under the nose and put a drop or two of Lavender on the tissue or rag you’re using to catch the blood.

-Cold Sores, and Distressed Lips: Chapped or cracked lips are desperate for some relief and lavender is just the thing to soothe them. Cold sores can be healed from putting Lavender EO directly onto the sore.

-Taste Buds!: Not many would think of Lavender as a tasty flavor but Lavender can be added to many recipes to add a unique and absolutely DELICIOUS flavor! My favorite is Raw Lavender Cheesecake….. Yes Its possible, and goodness its tasty! And Healthy!


The Next oil is Eucalyptus


Eucalyptus Benefits of use are:






-Stimulating (Mentally)


Uses for Eucalyptus Include:

-Massaged onto the chest and back helps to soothe asthma, and congestion. Diffusing this oil also helps with these respiratory problems

-A few drops in warm water gargled for sore throats

-Diffused and topically placed at the base of the back of the neck to treat mental exhaustion as well as mental disorders, the cooling effect of the oil is refreshing and helps to remove the mid day fog…. (For children who have learning disabilities, behavioral differences, or when your coffee has worn of in the middle of the day this is a powerful oil to always have on hand!)

-Massaging into skin with a carrier oil for sore muscles and joint pain. (Growing pains are the worst…. this will give your child relief!)

-Mixed in your tooth paste! Helps to prevent cavities and gingivitis!

-Dropped onto the scalp to treat lice! (Every mom’s fear!) Eucalyptus is a natural pesticide!

-Placed on the bottoms of the feet, paired with peppermint to break fever (Fevers come out of no where sometimes so its really important to keep Peppermint and Eucalyptus on hand)


That leads us into our Fourth Essential Oil that is Essential…. Sorry I couldn’t resist…Peppermint


Peppermint Essential oil Benefits:







Ways to use Peppermint Essential Oil:

-Tummy Aches: can be taken internally in tablets (DoTerra carries peppermint tablets) or a drop under the tongue will do it.

-Rubbed onto the chest to decongest and reduce inflammation for those who suffer from Asthma

-Added to bath water for sore muscles or over tired bodies ( it happens to all our kiddos at some point and this is a great way to lead them into a deep sleep to recover from a long day)

-Diffused: Helps to increase emotional comfort and reduce stress and nervous system overstimulation….. Need I say more?

The Last Essential oil is Actually one of my absolute favorites! And I think you will see why!


Frankincense Essential is not only AMAZING to smell but it is a POWERHOUSE Essential oil!


Benefits of Frankincense Include:

– Antiseptic






These are just some of the many uses and Medicinal benefits of Frankincense! Some others that cannot go with out mentioning are:

-Immune Boost

-Oral Health

-Emenagogue (Encourages regular and healthy Menstruation)

-Carminative (Eliminates gas in the body and prevents gas build up) -lets be real Ladies, No one wants Gas build up

-Cicatrisant (Fancy word for Miracle Worker…. Anti Aging and encourages healthy glowing skin… More on this later!)

-Digestive (Again a miracle worker in the speeding up of digestion and helps with indigestion!)

-Stress and Anxiety


Ways to Use Frankincense:

-Diffused with Other complimenting Essential Oils such as Cypress, Bergamot, Lemon, Lime , Orange, and Sandalwood! This is a Great way to combat stress and anxiety, as well as treating nervous system ailments.

-1-2 Drops under the Tongue: Momma’s this one is for you. This is a great way to keep up immune functions and over all health to make sure you’re the best mommy you can be and feel great while doing it!

-Combined with a carrier oil and rubbed onto the bottom of kiddos feet and the sides of their spine (Immune Booster Roller Ball Recipe to follow!)

-Mixed into lotions, lip balms, body wash, and fragrances (The ultimate secret weapon when it comes to Beauty Regiments!)

*Applying Frankincense to the skin encourages regeneration of healthy skin cells and encourages the tissues to remain healthy! Using this oils will help remove sun spots, scars, acne, wrinkles and tighten your sin wherever you apply! Like is said…. MIRACLE WORKER!

** This is an oil to refrain from during your pregnancy… But use it on your kiddos still!

Using Essential Oils may seem daunting at first, but once you know your main Oils to have in your arsenal you’ll be a Essential Guru! And then you can branch out after you further your own research!

Happy Essential Oiling!


Immune Booster Recipe 

Essential Oils12 Drops Frankincense

10 Drops Melaleuca

5 Drops Oregano

10 Drops Lemon


Have Grit Sweet One,


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