She Connects: God Knows You Well

She Connects: God Knows You Well

It never ceases to amaze me how well God really knows His children. He knows what we can handle, who to put in our lives at what time, what we need, all of it. Amazing, right?


Well what really amazes me is how He knows what makes us ticks and how to reassure us that He is still there, even if we think He has disappeared. Recently I have been going through a season of waiting. A lot of things are changing in my life and all that I can really do is just wait and see what God has in store for me. However, during this waiting stage, of course I have gotten impatient and have felt abandoned. I feel like I keep asking God to show me signs of what I am supposed to do and where I am supposed to go. And instead of His voice, all I hear is my constant worry of what is to come. Well like of all His children, He knows me better than I could ever imagine knowing myself. He knows that like most people, if I hear His voice directly, I would freak out and not even hear the message, so instead He uses something that He knows I will see and understand. Social media. As a millennial, Mass Communications student, I spend a good portion of my time using social media. So whenever I feel alone or like He isn’t answering, I see a post or get a notification that encourages me or directly relates to what I have just asked or have been worrying about. It’s His way of letting me know, “I hear you.”


Now I know it may sound crazy or dramatic that God would use social media to speak to me, but too many times have I almost made a mistake or cried out for help, when a post comes across my phone, that couldn’t be anything other than God. It is like He is meeting me where I am. How amazing is that? He loves me enough to talk to me in my comfort zone. It’s been proven that God has a sense of humor, so why wouldn’t He have social media?


So when you think God isn’t listening or answering, pay close attention to what is going on around you and I guarantee your answer is close by.

She Inspires: 3 Young Ladies Making Head Way In Woman Empowerment

She Inspires: 3 Young Ladies Making Head Way In Woman Empowerment

Since it is Women’s History Month and we live in a world where women make at most 77 cents for every dollar that a man makes, it is important that we stay encouraged and continue to fight for what is rightfully ours. With that being said I just wanted to highlight three young ladies all under the age of 20 who are stepping out, speaking up, and showing that age is truly nothing but a number.


Zendaya Coleman- The 19 year old singer and actress has always made it known what she believes in and she refuses to allow anyone, especially a “dude in a suit,” to change or rearrange her dreams. She has called out a magazine for photoshopping her without permission and has released a Barbie doll featuring her dreads and all. She has proven that feminism is about fairness and she has taken steps in her career to get women that much closer to equality.


Amandla Stenberg- The 17 year old actress known as Rue from the Hunger Games, has had a lot to say about Women of Color and has encouraged young girls to take an interest in STEM. She even won Ms. Foundation of Women’s Feminist Celebrity of the year.


Rowan Blanchard – The 14-year-old actress from the Boy Meets World spinoff, Girl Meets World, has had a lot to say about women’s right. She wrote a powerful essay about the intersection of women and how White feminists rarely consider the needs of Women of Color and Trans Women. She has always used her voice and knowledge to lift and educate others, which is commendable for someone so young.


I say all this to say that you are truly never too young or too anything for that matter to make a change. It is easy to think that you are not capable of making a difference because of your age, race, size, gender, or situation. However, that is simply not true. It is never too late to get up and just go after it, whatever IT is.



Taylor G.

Inside Love: 5 Ways to Get The Most of Valentine’s Day

Inside Love: 5 Ways to Get The Most of Valentine’s Day

When it comes to Valentine’s Day you either really hate it or you really love it, there is no in between. If you are like me, you could do without it. However, this year I have been trying to be a lot more positive, so I am going to give this lovely holiday my all. Instead of reveling in my singleness, I decided it would be better to focus on how loved I am. I mean that is what Valentine’s Day is about, L-O-V-E. So, here is how I plan to spend my Valentine’s Day.


  1. Spend time with Lord
    1. Here’s the thing, no one and I mean NO ONE can love you like the Lord can. And with Valentine’s Day being on Sunday this year that gives you an even better reason to spend time with the greatest love of all time.
  2. Enjoy you family
    1. Family is there when things hit the fan and they usually pick up the pieces. This Valentine’s Day is the perfect excuse to take time out of your busy schedule and spend it with your family. Everyone needs a little family time to feel better.
  3. Kick it with your friends
    1. As life takes over, careers start and change, people move and start families; it can be hard to keep up with your friends. So, take this time whether it is over the phone, video call, or in person, to check in with your friends. Because let’s face it at one point they were really important in your life, so don’t let time distance you too much.


Whether you are single or deeply in love, everyone can enjoy Valentine’s Day, because I guarantee that people love you. So it only makes sense to spend time with those people! Reminisce, laugh, eat, watch movies, do anything, but do it with those you love. Happy Valentine’s Day!


Taylor G.

Inside Love: Me Time

Inside Love: Me Time

As women, and even people in general, it is easy to get caught up in the hype and lose yourself completely. So often we agree to do things with or for people because we don’t want to disappoint them. And when we do say no, it is a huge problem or at least we feel as if it is. But, what about you? Why should you always be the one to give in? Now, I am not saying never do anything for anyone ever again, but I am saying be intentional with who and how you spend your time.


In our world, being selfish has gotten a bad reputation and rightfully so. However, sometimes it is okay to be selfish, when it is the right kind of selfish. You can’t constantly give yourself without taking the time to re-energize. Now, this may be the introvert in me, but there is nothing better than taking a night to be completely by myself, doing whatever I WANT. Whether I take to time to write, read a book, take a relaxing bubble bath, drink a glass of wine, or just let my mind wander until I fall asleep, it is just nice to have that time be about me and only me. I love my friends, coworkers, and family, I really do, but I have learned to love myself a little more. I began to see a difference in the way I felt about myself and treated others after I started taking some time for me. And let me tell you it was much needed mood change. I used to feel bad for telling my friends I couldn’t go out with them or telling my boss that I couldn’t stay that extra hour, but I realize that it was best for my well-being that I do less when necessary and I encourage you to do the same thing!


This time alone doesn’t have to be boring, but it should be all about you and what you like. If you want to go to a museum, do it! A trip to a new city, do it! Wine tastings, do it! Sit in your house and do absolutely nothing but watch Netflix, do it! You deserve to treat yourself to a little me time at least monthly, I promise you won’t regret it. DON’T completely shun people out of your life or neglect your responsibilities, but BE the right kind of selfish. YOU ARE WORTH IT!



Taylor G.

Woman To Woman: A Letter To My Younger Sisters

Woman To Woman: A Letter To My Younger Sisters

While I have not yet been blessed to be a Mom, which I know will come in the future, I have been fortunate enough to be a big sister to two young men and three young ladies. And as much as we fight and they certainly can get on my nerves, I would not be the person I am or be as happy as I am without them. So to express my love for them since siblings don’t usually do that, I wrote my young queens a little letter. (The one for my brothers is coming a tad bit later)


To my darling younger sisters,


Let me start by saying that each of you holds a special place in my heart.

You are spontaneous, caring, funny, loving, optimistic, intelligent, and beautiful.

DO NOT let one single soul, male or female, steal your joy or devalue you.

There will be naysayers and haters, because they are jealous of all the things that you can and will do.

NEVER doubt yourself, because anything that you think you can accomplish, you will.

KNOW and BELIEVE that your skin, body and hair are beautiful! I know you may not see many people that look like you, but you are perfect the way you are, no matter what anyone says.

Embrace the fact that you are different, because that is what makes you so special.

And most importantly, if you feel like you have no one, understand that I love you more than words can explain and that I am always here for you.

My life was a lot less fun before each of you entered my life and I am determined as your big sister to make sure that no one ever breaks you down, because the world and most definitely me needs each of you.


Love always,


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