She Empowers: 20 Somethings For The 20 Something Soul

She Empowers: 20 Somethings For The 20 Something Soul

Dear 20 something soul,

Something #4


The 20’s look different for everyone. Some of us are married in our twenties, single, building a family with our husband, working on our master’s degree, working on our bachelor’s degree, building a business from scratch, dating, raising a child alone, traveling the world, working and saving money, the list goes on! We are all at different spots and that’s okay. You’re not on the wrong path if you aren’t in college and you aren’t on the wrong path if you have a kid, you’re just simply on YOUR PATH. The only thing you need to be concerned with is being on the path that you want. Do not worry about what so and so is doing and if you should be doing it. Just do you.

Sometimes it’s hard finding who YOU are. I urge you to submit to God in prayer when it comes to figuring out the plans for your life! Take the time to talk to God and see what he wants for you and how he sees your life going. It’s easy to make plans on our own and to achieve our goals but let’s step outside of ourselves and figure out the GOD GOALS that we need to focus on in our lives. JUST DO YOU and FIND YOU BY SUBMITTING TO HIM.

Till next time,

20 something soul

She Empowers: The Benefits of Journaling

She Empowers: The Benefits of Journaling

What are some of your ways that you release unaddressed emotion? What is your routine for reflecting on your day? Pondering on our day-to-day experiences help remind us that each day is a gift that shouldn’t be taken for granted and journaling is one way to reflect upon our gift of life.


Have you ever thought about journaling? Here are a few highlights of the many benefits for journal writing:


  1. The ability to get it out

Throughout a day, we encounter many different interactions, moments, actions, and emotions. The majority of us deal with it all and simply move forward—or worst, we’re so in a routine that we don’t bother to truly experience the days we’re blessed with. When we keep a journal, it helps us to capture the moments throughout the day. It also helps us to truly stop and think about what we experience, and how it impacted our feelings.


  1. Increases healthy personal expression

True expression and communication takes courage. In today’s society, we’re encouraged to embrace true identity as the media and magazines remind us of what this should “look” like. Social media, although amazingly innovative through connection and engagement, it can also hinder our ability to truly express ourselves through true communication. Journaling creates a private platform where we can share true feelings (without fear of judgement or reaction) and work our way through healing. It’s a form of personal therapy and can help us to effectively express ourselves with others because we grow to have a better understanding of ourselves.


  1. Looking back to see how far you’ve come

As you create a habit of journaling, it is truly an amazing experience to go back and read your prayers, hurts, disappointments, and defining moments. My husband and I got married in April and I had to purge some things in the house to merge our lives together. While purging the office, I came across my journals from high school and college! Can you image that?! I read through the pages—so completely humbled by the young beautiful woman that wrote those letters to God—and blown away by how each prayer was answered. Some took months, some took years but they manifested. I’m so grateful for that beautiful moment that day on the office floor. I wouldn’t have had that without my journals.



Journaling is a wonderful way to reconnect to your core. It can happen wherever you are, whenever you want, however you want to do it. It’s our personal way to give love and time to our hearts while blessing ourselves with the ability to look back on the progress!



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She Inspires: When Black Women Win

She Inspires: When Black Women Win

The views of others often plaque our minds, our very spirit.  They tie up our dreams and strip us of our purpose.  Their ability to do that doesn’t reside in its truth, it relies on our acceptance of it.

On last night 3 amazing actresses received  awards in honor of the ability to excel in their respective profession, Regina King, Uzo Aduba and Viola Davis.  Viola Davis in fact literally making history as the first black actress to win an Emmy for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama.  Their greatness in an arena that has omitted their talents could no longer suppress the phenomenal presence they continuously pour out on television screens week after week after week.  As we reflect on this day and stand proudly with them to celebrate the monumental achievements they so deservingly received, lets not forget to be present in the fact a moment like this exists. Lets not allow their accomplishment to be a hashtag in remembrance of the a night that will eventually fade. Instead, let it be a sobering reminder that we have to create, support, empower and inspire each other.  We have to lift each other on the climb and show up places that don’t always accept us or have opportunities for us to shine.  Nonetheless, we must continue to recognize the importance of our presence in those place to create the change we want to see.

There are times when you will not have the connections in place to get you where you would like to be, but you have to push through anyway.  The beauty of progress isn’t who gets the reward it’s the understanding that on the shoulders of the winners stand more winners that have laid the pathway and the ground work for events/moments that are far too rare.

So, today tap into your own magic, celebrate someone else’s and get back to work… because there are too many hurdles to jump to stop now.  When we welcome acceptance, but fail to acknowledge the problem, we become part of it.  Thank you to the women that take hits everyday and keep moving forward into greater.  There is so much more to come, but today Viola Davis, Regina King and Uzo Aduba we salute and celebrate with you as you stand in the greatness we have recognized long ago!


Be Inspired,


She Listens: Rise Up, by Andra Day

She Listens: Rise Up, by Andra Day

Every impactful movement needs a fight song, and “Rise Up” by Andra Day just may become the fight song for your life.

In the song, Day sings from the perspective of the motivator and through her croons, you may find encouragement to overcome the obstacle standing in your way.

She begins the song, acknowledging the negative thoughts you may have, singing, “You’re broken down and tired of living life on a merry-go-round.”

She recognizes the fighter that permanently resides within you that you think you’ve lost, and pushes you to “walk it out and move mountains”.

Day continues to send support throughout the entirety of the chorus, belting, “I’ll rise up
I’ll rise like the day…I’ll rise unafraid…High like the waves…In spite of the ache…And I’ll do it a thousand times again for you.”

It is natural to have times in where you feel lost and confused, and you may even feel like you are fighting a losing battle, but you aren’t. If you have hope, passion, and motivation then you have all of the elements that you need to overcome—at least mentally. And even if you believe that it’s not there, you aren’t digging deep enough. You have the ability to do whatvever you put your mind to, and that’s what Andra Day wants you to see.

“Rise Up” inspires me to release all of the negative energy I build up and use it to confront my issues head-on.

Listening to this song, you can find support to do the same through the powerful lyrics, or through the power that echoes in Day’s voice.

You have the power to do whatever it is that you want to do; you just have to look within yourself, find it, and allow it to shine.

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She Connects: Surrendering Your Plan for His Will

She Connects: Surrendering Your Plan for His Will

We live in a culture that is extremely goal oriented, which is not a bad thing. Goals help us to move forward and to succeed in areas that we want to succeed in. Goals help us get the job we want, the house we want, and maybe even the body that we want. We plan our little hearts out, making sure to not miss a step and almost putting our plans before everything, even Gods will. We think we have it all together so we go on in life pursuing our goals and planning everything out that we rarely stop to ask God, “Lord what would you have me do today? Where would you have me go? What is your will for me?”

Personally, I didn’t ask that question in my past, because I wasn’t ready to hear the answer. I wasn’t ready to give up my idea of “The American Dream”. I wasn’t ready to face that possibly God would call me to pick up my cross and follow him, even if it isn’t comfortable and perfect. So I went on in my life, planning away and you know what happened? The longer I ran from Gods call on my life, the longer my plans kept falling apart.

Door after door would just shut. My husband and I would plan and then it would fall apart. A lot of people in our lives probably thought we were flaky, had no plan, and were just flying by the seat of our pants, little did they know, it wasn’t US destroying the plans, it was someone GREATER for something GREATER.

Today, if you’re in a season where everything seems to be falling apart and not making a lot of sense I want to encourage you that it could actually be the complete opposite. The Bible tells us that MANY are the plans in a man’s heart but it is the Lords purpose that prevails. Meditate on that scripture for a moment. In order for His purpose to prevail, our plans have to crumble. It’s actually really encouraging knowing that when things are crumbling in your life, it could be that Gods plan is prevailing. You’re welcome to scream and shout right now!

In the midst of waiting, know that he is setting everything up working all things together for good, for those who are called according to his PURPOSE (Romans 8:28). My favorite example of this in the Bible is in Nehemiah chapter 1 and 2. In short, Nehemiah learns of Jerusalem’s devastation (the city has been destroyed) the first thing he does is mourn for his people for days and then he prays and fast. Then he waits on the Lord, for FOUR months he willingly waits while praying and fasting. Then the moment comes when he is called to willingly act before the King and because he has waited on the Lord, the timing is perfect and the King shows him favor. I’m going to encourage you to read more of Nehemiah in your free time to find out what happens, it’s good and you’ll be blessed.

But the moral of it all, is to wait willingly on the Lord’s purpose to prevail. Do not act before your time and even when it looks like all is lost and everything is falling apart, trust that God is setting it up for His purpose and His glory.

“Wait for the Lord, be strong, and let your heart take courage; WAIT for the LORD.”

Psalms 27:14

With love and big smiles,


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